Tuesday, May 28, 2013

1970s Taka Model No. TATG-300 Classical Guitar

Vintage Japanese classical guitar, shows some wear and tear, but rock solid and well-aged

Now that I've been on the lookout for Taka guitars, they've been popping up all over the radar. This is the 2nd that I've gotten my hands on in the last couple of months and the first classical. This one has a TG distinction in the model number, but I'm not sure what it means yet.

There is a small crack on the bottom-right side of the body and a little chip in the binding along the fretboard. The crack doesn't go all the way through though, so there are no holes in the guitar and the sound is not effected at all. There is also a bit of discoloration along the tuning pegs, but these flaws are purely cosmetic and also don't really jump out at you.

I set it up with a set of LaBella Folk Singer strings as soon as I got it and it plays and sounds really nice. Once again, these can sometimes be found for as little as $50-60, but they play at the level of at least a $200 guitar.

Thanks for looking, more high-resolution photos here.

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  1. This is the TAKA TG-310 I bought as a kid in So. Cal. back in 1976.
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